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Sungmo Park

SungmoFrom: Korea

Joined: May, 2014

Current project : My research project is to figure out an engram for auditory fear memory using optogenetics. Through this study, we are expecting to get any clue for specific neurons’ function on fear memory in the lateral amygdala. Optogenetics allows us to control neuronal activity in real time. Thus, we are able to understand how fear memory is consolidated in the lateral amygdala. 

Claim to fame : I think that there are mainly two different ways to read scientific articles or papers. One is to read very narrowly interested articles for very specific field. This style can help us to get professional information. The other is like scanning. We usually scan whole research papers online regardless of our field, and then those articles give us wide knowledge. When I find something special using either ways, I feel a thrill. And I think this moment can make me a real scientist. 

Favourite Thing About Science: I love new findings and applying new technique.