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Valentina Mercaldo

valeFrom: Rome, Italy

Joined: February, 2010

Current Project: I am currently investigating how neuronal excitability influences the ability of neurons to store memory traces within the amygdala circuitry. Identifying the basic mechanisms responsible for the formation/storage of information at the level of individual cells is the first important step in understanding how simple elements of neural activation are aggregated/combined to produce more complex cognitive functions.

Claim to Fame: I was on a flight to Europe with Kevin O’Leary (one of the dragons/sharks of the dragon’s den/shark tank TV show)

Favourite Thing About Science: There are many things I like about science, but I will remember forever the first time I watched the my very first plate of cortical neurons under the microscope.I would say that this is what I like best of science: the moment that precedes discovery or finding new results. This moment is loaded with tension and curiosity and when you got the results you expected.. then it is an explosion of joy!