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Congratulations Emily

Emily Kramer has been awarded a 2016-2017 Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) award!


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The Scientist. Exploring Life, Inspiring innovation

Sheena is interviewed by The Scientist regarding a Memory Manipulation Study.

Here’s the Link:

Neurons Compete to Form Memories

Congratulations Emily!


Emily Kramer has been awarded the 2016-2017 Margaret & Howard GAMBLE Research Grant

Sheena in Quanta Magazine!

The Maestro of Memory Manipulation:
Sheena discusses evoking and erasing memories in mice.  


Congratulations Colleen!

Colleen has been awarded NSERC’s Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master’s (CGS M) Award!

Wanted: highly motivated post-docs

The Josselyn lab is looking for post-docs to help us take our science to the next level!

Please apply with

  1. cover letter describing a potential future project and long-term goals
  2. CV
  3. Names of 3 references

All applicants should have solid first author publication record to

Congratulations Valentina!

Valentina1Valentina was awarded a Canadian Association for Neuroscience Travel Award to present her findings at the annual meeting this coming May. 

Visiting Graduate Student from Columbia – Jeimmy Marcela Cerón

“My name is Jeimmy and I’m a psychologist from Colombia. I’m doing my Masters’ in Psychology at Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Since 2010 I have been part of the research group of Behavioral Neurophysiology at Universidad Nacional where we work in the relationship between stress, stress hormones and spatial memory with animal models. My work has focused in memory consolidation and the effects of corticosterone hormone in this process.

I’m visiting Dr. Josselyn’s lab because I’m interested in the study of gene expression regulation associated with long term memory formation and I want to learn about the different experimental approaches used in the laboratory to this end.”




Brain Activity Mapping

Our Program here at Sickkids (Neurosciences & Mental Health, NMH) recently hosted a fantastic mini-symposium entitled “Brain Activity Mapping”.  We featured two invited speakers (Ed Bullmore from Cambridge and Karl Deisseroth from Stanford) as well as `local talent` (including Randy McIntosh from Rotman Research Institute here in Toronto and our own Sam Doesburg and yours truly).  Mapping brain activity has become an extremely hot topic in neuroscience and, in line with this, our speakers were El fuego!!  We had a record crowd; a great time was had by all.  The only negative….we ran out of mini-quiches.  Turns out I owe some people…

Brain Activity Mapping 2014-02-28 09.59.31 2014-02-28 10.13.40 2014-02-28 10.07.13 2014-02-28 10.17.52IMG_0078 2014-02-28 10.00.142014-02-28 09.53.122014-02-28 09.55.42IMG_0098IMG_0087 2014-02-28 09.57.23 2014-02-28 10.18.45 IMG_0081 

Visiting Scientist from the University of Brasilia (Brazil)

My name is Gustavo, I am a Professor of Clinical Pathology at the University of Brasilia (Brazil).  Since my PhD, I have been working with the pilocarpine model of epilepsy.

I am visiting Dr. Josselyn’s laboratory for 3.5 months in order to acquire more knowledge on the relationship of neurogenesis and memory.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank the lab for welcoming me and providing this great opportunity!064